Saturday, August 9, 2008

Uncle Brandon-Where ever you are-Happy Birthday

He is spending his birthday waiting at an airport to go back to Iraq. We miss and worry about him every day.
He left on Monday, and when we heard Friday morning (his actual birthday), he was still waithing for transport back to his camp.
He just turned 25.
The good news is he (cross your fingers) will be home for good by Christmas-maybe even Thanksgiving!

We missed your birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Marla!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Soldier is home

We got the call this morning about 15 minutes before Brandon's plane landed, he has a 2 week leave!! What a wonderful suprise!! Trinity and I were in the middle of making french toast, when Dan's phone rang. The way he was acting on the phone I was afraid something was wrong. How worried have I been over these past 7 months? My baby brother was over in Iraq.
Lots of tears today. All happy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Karate Kid

Thursday, Trinity had her 2nd mid term black belt karate graduation. She was singled out in class several times for her excellent performance. 1st because she does the most amazing push ups, straight back and all the way down. 2nd because they needed a leader to help demonstrate the skills they learn so she taught a portion of the geraduation class how to do a kick (some of them were higher ranked than she was). 3rd was when the instructor asked everyone what he looks for when they do their wepons form, she answered to make it look like you are hitting a person (Is that a little scary for an 8 year old to say?) 4th and last time he asked who knows the date when they will get to the next belt level. Trinity said July. He replied July when, and she said "The fourth I think" He rephrased his question and asked her what year, and she was releaved because when everyone laughed at her other response, she didn't know why. She did know that the year she will be getting her second degree black belt is in 2009. It takes about 18 months of training to get to the next level. She is able to move up to third degree, however has to wait until she is 18 to become a fourth degree. I am amazed and proud of her every day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grandpa Mikes Birthaday

We spent Tuesday with Grandpa Mike for his birthday. We went to the movies and watched Bee Movie. Grandpa and I missed the first twenty minutes of the movie because we were getting popcorn for T and her Friends. After we were all settled I leaned over and asked T what was happening in the movie. She said "They are flying around." Because that was what the bees were doing. I told grandpa and we just laughed and laughed. Then T spilled the popcorn all over. Then later T's friend spilled his popcorn all over, you know I don't think I saw much of the movie at all.
Later that day we made cup cakes for Grandpa Mikes party, and we invited my family over for dinner. After dinner we played Scrabble, and T was on my team. Until she got board.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting for the phone to ring

I had a phone interview on Friday, and will hear back one way or another on or before Wednesday. The weekend flew by way too fast, and now I am left with 3 days of wonder when the call will come. The phone rings and my heart races. I think 'this is it' and start planning on the perfect live interview outfit. I wonder when the interview will be, how far away, will I be able to find a babysitter in time if they only give me short notice, what will I say to the dreaded question"why did you leave your last job?" and hundreds of other what if questions in the short time it takes me to race to the phone. After I take a deap breath, clear the phlem from my throught, I look at the coller ID...number unavailable. This must be it. I put on my best speaking voice, and hold in my 'hello' all the hopes and dreams that I have with finding the place for me to call work in that simple greeting. Then all my silly optimistic dreams are dashed in one simpe recorded telecomunicated sales pitch.
When the phone rings again, it starts all over...